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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Jim Iyke Shows Off His New Look

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The performing artist and style symbol chose to dump his mark scruffy facial hair for a spotless shave in view of his child. He composed

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why You Must Stop Shaving Pubic Hair – Expert Warns

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Contrary to well acclaimed hygienic practice, a medical expert has warned of the dangers in completely shaving the pubic hair. Dr Arikawe Adeolu, an Abuja-based medical expert, advised that it is safer to trim the hair rather than shaving it off completely. He said that complete shaving of the hair could cause infection.

Adeolu told our correspondent on Tuesday that shaving or waxing of the hair around the pubic could cause cracks and expose the skin to bacterial infection.

He added that the pubic hair served a major purpose of providing some level of cushioning for the individual, especially during sexual activity, preventing the skin from rubbing against another and causing abrasion.

He explained that if the skin around the pubic region was completely shaved and the individual’s skin came into contact with another person’s skin, friction would be increased due to the skin to skin contact.

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