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Monday, 10 June 2019

Denrele Reacts To Peruzzi Slapping Pamilerin, Says I Heard A Loud Sound

VJ Denrele Edun has reacted to the news of singer Peruzzi slapping social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke. According to him, the incident happened for real and that the whole brouhaha is no publicity stunt.

Peruzzi Apologies For Slapping Pamilerin On Cool FM Lagos

The issue that triggered yesterday, that prompted Nigerian singer Peruzzi to lay his hands on Pamilerin due to a comment he made on social media in the month of January that sounded like insult to the singer,

Digital Media Practitioners Of Nigeria Set To Take Peruzzi To Court Over Palimerin Slap

News has just come in from the company which Pamilerin works in, the social media person Peruzzi slapped yesterday, as his court has taken the matter to another level that they will be going to court,

Fans Slams Peruzzi For Slapping Pamilerin

Prior to the incident were DMW singer Peruzzi had slapped Pamilerin over an old tweet posted in January, a lot of fans have been on one side or the other, some defending his action, some going against his action,
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