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Friday, 26 June 2020

Man gets free supply of Indomie noodles for 6months after returning N1.8million he found inside a carton he bought

A Nigerian man identified as one Mr Chidiebere Ogbonna reportedly returned the 1.8 million Naira he found in a carton of Indomie noodles he purchased. According to reports surrounding the situation, the carton was partially filled with noodles coupled with bundles of N1000 notes. Chidiebere stated that as soon as he got home, he opened the carton and when he saw what was inside, he immediately returned it back. When asked why he returned the cash despite the hardship ravaging the country right now, Chidiebere said the money was not his, so there was no reason for him to keep it. The vendor who could not hold back his joy, thanked him and told him to come back and collect a carton of indomie whenever he needs it till December.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

British Chef Went Deaf After Eating The World's Hottest Noodles (Photos)

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A British chef who ate the world's hottest noodles - 4,000 times stronger than Tabasco sauce went deaf for two minutes after scoffing the dish.
Ben Sumadiwiria, 22, from London, found the dish at a tiny back street restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The ‘death noodles’ have 100 bird’s eye chilies crushed together giving it a Scoville rating of 20 million - compared with hot Tabasco which is just 5,000 on the scale.

After Ben scoffed the noodles he started sweating, became dizzy, had to soak his head in water and even went deaf for two minutes.

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