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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kris Jenner finnaly breaks her silence on estranged hubby's sex change rumours

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Kris Jenner has finally broken her silence amid claims her estranged husband Bruce is planning to undergo a sex change.

The 58-year-old 'momager' has hit out at tabloid reports in recent months, suggesting that 'ninety nine per cent' of the rumours have been 'made up'.
After the former Olympic champion was spotted out and about sporting a rather glamorous manicure, Kris sprang to his defence.
Speaking during an interview on Entertainment Tonight, the showbiz matriarch told Cheryl Woodcock: 'Ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up.
'I think when he gets his nails buffed they put clear nail polish on him. The bottom line is, we [the Kardashians] sell magazines.'

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy Birthday Stephanie Okereke

We at tatafo Naija wishes her a Happy birthday, long life and prosperity, heard she was born in 1982, well that one no concern me and my tatafo mouth, enjoy your day Diva.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beyonce snubs Kim at Jay-z and Kanye West concert

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 Please what is the problem with Beyonce and kim, while their men are best of friends they keep snubbing each other, the latest happened this weekend when Jay z and kanye where billed to perform together at the MADE IN AMERICA concert, while the performance was on, Beyonce and Kim sat far from each other and beyonce wouldnt even admit Kim was at the show till the end when they met back stage. Sources say Beyonce is keeping a far distance after she was attacked by her fans for coming close to kim, while rumours making the round says Beyonce is not happy at the way the un talented kim is making headlines and she is not also comfortable with the fact that her stardom emanated from a sex tape.

While they continue beefing themselves Jay and kanye continue rocking and their friendship is blossoming more and more by the day. This question now arises, why do ladies beef/have issues with their fellow ladies

Thursday, 30 August 2012


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The founder of the Audrey Allen For children,Miss Tosin W Allen celebrated her birthday at an orphanage in Karu,Abuja on the 21st of August 2012.She had over 40 abuja based musicians and comedians accompany her to the event. It was great fun watching the children play on  bouncing castles,other fun toys she set up for them. there were about 5 cartoon characters all dressed up in colourful costumes. it was really like bringing disney world to the children. everyone had plenty cotton candies,cake,food and drinks to Consume. there were also lots of fun competitions and gifts to go round.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kim Kardashian worried about her butt size, heads to the gym to work on it

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The butt that made her so popular has become a source of concern for her, just last week she posted a tweet, where she asked her fans their opinions of her big butt, today she was pictured coming out of the gym where she normally works out, but this time she went in for a super double dose of exercise, Early morning double workout. Bootcamp & pilates. All in a bid to reduce her butt.

My question is, should kim bother about reducing her butt?

Monday, 27 August 2012

List of all the winners of the Future Awards 2012

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 The future awards held yesterday in Rivers State, below is the comprehensive list of all the winners,

Best Use of Advocacy- Babafemi Oyediran
Best Use of New Media- Gidi Traffic
Creative Artiste of the Year- Bayo Omoboriowo
Designer of the Year- Toju Foyeh

Friday, 24 August 2012


A shooting and subsequent gun battle at the Empire State Building in New York killed two people and wounded at least nine others Friday, authorities said.

The shooter was one of the two killed, investigators said. They identified him as Jeffrey Johnson, 53, who was laid off last year and apparently killed a former co-worker Friday morning.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Pictures that brought Robert Pattinson 4years relatonship with Kristen Stewart to an end

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These are the pictures Robert saw that made him call off the four year old relationship with Kristen, both of whom are stars of the movie twilight, kristen was caught snuggling and romancing married director Rupert Sanders, who actually directed the movie twilight. See the pictures after the cut
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