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Monday, 14 November 2016

"Shepherd Bushiri 'Heals' Lady With HIV During Church Service" - Prophet Claims

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An unexpected scene happened yesterday during church service hosted by controversial Malawian leader, Prophet shepherd Bushiri a.k.a Major 1, who is known for his "special" miracles and prophecies.

A woman who was hospitalized and bed ridden due to HIV and Tuberculosis of the spinal cord was brought to the church for a healing touch. The congregants were surprised after they witnessed the sick woman leaving her bedstead and began to walk after she was prayed for..

Monday, 17 October 2016

Irish Man Accused Of Infecting Girlfriend With HIV, Says He Slept With Six Other Women

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James Turner, the 67-year-old Irish national based in Nigeria who was accused by his 31-year-old Nigerian girlfriend of deliberately infecting her with HIV has said he slept with no fewer than six other ladies.
Turner also confessed to have sent his wife back to the Republic of Ireland, when his status was confirmed, in order not to infect her with the virus.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Mariah Carey's brother slams her for not helping their HIV-positive sister

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Mariah Carey's brother has lashed out at the pop diva, calling her selfish for abandoning their struggling sister who was released after being arrested for prostitution.

Morgan Carey, 51, made the remarks during an interview with Inside Edition where he also called on his superstar sister to splash her cash and help fix things. Morgan says he's upset because Mariah refuses to help Alison, even after she recorded a desperate public plea for help in March.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Man claims he was Orlando shooter's gay lover & attack was 'revenge' after Mateen discovered a man he'd been with had HIV

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A PuertoRican man who goes by the name 'Miguel' (left - his identity was disguised with a mask during the interview) claims he had a relationship with Omar Mateen for two months between October and December last year after meeting him on Grindr and has alleged that Mateen's gay club attack was 'revenge' after discovering one of the men he had a threesome with, is infected with HIV.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Man finds out his wife is HIV+ two days after their wedding

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Twitter user, @hapi_child, shared the sad but educative story online. Read more after the cut... 

Saturday, 10 August 2013


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Wow while stepping out in Abuja i saw this banner, i just had to take a shot of it, and it got me thinking, Nigerians are not lazy people at all, someone saw the need for HIV infected people to marry and live a happy life and came out with this solution, beign very curios i considered calling the number, well i called the number and a man picked,i think he should be in his forties, he asked if i am one of them, i said no, but i know someone who is, just to make him talk, well he refused to talk insisting on communicating only with the infected person, well after some appeal he finally told me the location of their office, which i cant divulge for privacy reasons and that they had loads of people on standby depending on the specification of the client, then i asked, is it free and he said i should try opening such venture ans make it free, then the call cut.
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