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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Images of jailed heavily tattooed members of El Salvador’s brutal MS-13 gang

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 Powerful pictures show the tattooed faces of El Salvador’s most notorious gang.Photographer Adam Hinton has released a new book featuring intimate portraits of members of the dangerous MS -13 gang who reside inside one of the country’s bulging prisons.

Located in the south of the Central American country, Penal de Ciudad Barrios prison was originally built to hold up to 800 members of the gang – however it currently houses 2600.
The award winning photographer said

Friday, 25 November 2016

Ikorodu Murder Gang, Baddo Nabbed By Vigilantes (photos)

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It is with great joy that I recieved the message below today, the Ibeshe community who has been recently plaqued with evil from daredevil occultic group known as Baddo as stepped up to curb the evil act and it didn’t take long before they preside

Read the message below;

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Photos: Notorious Serial Killer Dies After Angry Mob Swoop On Him

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It was the end of a well known notorious armed robber/serial killer, one Okonkwo Charles Emeka popularly called Fela of Umuchoko yesterday in Imo State. It was gathered that Fela was nabbed yesterday while on another evil duty by angry mob who descended on him. The police where however alerted and by the time they got to the scene Fela was almost dead. He was rushed to the hospital, but he didn’t make it.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Photos: Face of a Once Chance robbery gang member who steals ATM from bus passengers & clear their bank account

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There has been an increase in 'One Chance Robberies' in Lagos State. People disguise themselves as passengers in commercial buses and pick up unsuspecting passengers, then steal valuables, seize ATM cards and demand for the pin. Rather than let you go immediately, some of their gang members will hold you down until they withdraw all the cash they can from your bank account, and then later drop you off.
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