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Monday, 27 July 2020

Dbanj: Why we cannot continue investigations on alleged rape - Police

The police force headquarters in Abuja has given reasons as to why it discontinued with investigations into the alleged case of rape against popular musician Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo by Miss Seyitan Temidayo Babatayo.

It said investigations conducted by detectives assigned with the matter yielded no positive result.

According to the police, the detectives who worked round the clock, visited the hotel in Lagos, where the alleged offense was committed but got nothing incriminating against the musician.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

D’Banj continues N1.5bn libel case as Seyitan withdraws petition

Musician, Oladapo Oyebanjo, aka D’Banj, is forging ahead with the N1.5bn libel suit filed against Miss Seyitan Babatayo, who accused him of rape, despite the latter withdrawing a petition submitted to the Inspector-General of Police.

D’Banj’s lawyer, Mike Ozekhome (SAN), disclosed this in an interview with Saturday PUNCH on Friday.

“They withdrew their petition but the police said they could not prove a case of rape against D’Banj. 

Friday, 24 July 2020

Police Clear D’Banj As Seyitan Withdraws Rape Petition

A lady, Seyitan Babatayo, who accused musician, Oladapo Oyebanjo aka D’Banj, of rape has written a letter to the police withdrawing her petition. This happened just as the police said it has been unable to establish a case of rape against the musician, In a letter dated July 17, 2020 addressed to the Inspector-General of Police through her lawyer, Olamide Omileye, she said she was withdrawing from the case for personal reasons.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Rape allegation: DBanj's former manager, Franklin Amudo breaks his silence

Rape allegation: DBanj's former manager, Franklin Amudo breaks his silence, gives his own account of what transpired at the hotel

Franklin Amudo, a former manager of singer, Dapo Oyebanjo aka DBanj, has released an official statement regarding the rape allegation leveled against DBanj by a lady, Seyitan Babatayo.

In his statement, Franklin said he was the one who invited Seyitan to an event in Lagos where DBanj attended and performed on December 30, 2018. He said he gave Seyitan the keys to his room to pass the night at Glee hotel when she told him she couldn't return home that night as it was too late. He did not sleep in the room as he had to go home to prepare for an early morning flight to Accra, Ghana.

Franklin said Seyitan called him later that night to allege that DBanj found his way into her room and raped her. He said he immediately called one Ajia Mohammed and informed him of the allegation Seyitan made. Franklin said Ajia told him not to worry about it and that he had given Seyitan $100, though the purpose for the money wasn't stated.

Franklin said he was unable to ask DBanj at the time because it was the same period the singer lost his son and he felt it would be insensitive for him to discuss such a thing with him.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Rape allegation: DBanj challenges activist Segalink to ”say the truth”

Nigerian singer, DBanj has challenged popular activist, Segun Awosanya aka Segalink to say the truth concerning the controversies trailing the rape allegation leveled against him by Seyitan Babatayo. ON Friday, July 3, Segalink took to his twitter handle to berate the ”vicious and hateful approach of BMC & e-Feminists” on the case which he said is at the expense of Seyitan’s wellbeing. Segalink wrote that the “malicious interest group” erroneously believe that Seyitan’s reluctance in taking their orders, was connected to him. On Saurday July 4, DBanj tweeted at the activist to go ahead and tell the true story of what happened. He asked Segalink to mention the names of the persons who told him Seyitan was allegedly abducted after she accused him(Dbanj) of rape. Dbanj’s response reads ;

Yes agreed but we should also call them out when they lie and go about things the wrong way , without facts Misleading the public all becos of International NgO funding and to look like they working . Say the truth @segalink

He also wrote in a rejoinder tweet ;

The Same liars that Sold this story to look Good to their International NGOs to look like they are working . You know the truth and their Names @segalink , Call them out . Dont chicken out . Say the truth . And you
@guardiannews @guardian I thought you knew better.

Friday, 3 July 2020

D’Banj, through his Lawyer sues his accuser, Seyitan, for N1.5billion.

Dbanj procured the services of controversial and foremost Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mike Ozekhome (SAN), to slam a libel suit of N1.5 billion naira on the Ms. Seyitan, a lady who had accused him of rape.

The accuser, Ms. Seyitan, had alleged that Dbanj raped her on December 31, 2018, at Glee Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos.

She revealed that the popular musician after acquainting with her at a party earlier where she had turned down his advances for intimacy –– had driven all the way from Eko hotel where he was staying and came down to Glee hotel in Victoria Island at midnight 2.40 am

– collected her room’s spare key from the receptionist and forcefully gained access into her room threatening to walk her out of the room naked if she refused him even as he kept his fingers in her vagina and repeatedly raped her.

Hence, On Thursday, 18, 2020, events took a turn as varying reports emerged of D’banj’s arrest of Seyitan.

Information gathered revealed that some policemen allegedly acting on the instruction of the singer, reportedly detained Seyitan for over 24 hours

– and made her delete all chats, social media posts, and other vital information related to the matter from her phone.

However, The incident elicited a wide range of criticism on social media with Nigerians calling out D’banj for intimidation and abuse of power.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Nigerian police denies detaining Seyitan after she accused D'banj of rape

The Nigerian police has denied detaining Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who accused singer, D'banj, of rape.

A police source who spoke to Vanguard, said D’banj reported on three separate occasions at FCID for interrogation and statement, while Seyitan repeatedly refused to show up. Her alleged non-appearance led to the prompt dispatch of officers by the Force CID to Lagos, to invite her for written statement and interrogation on the alleged rape incident.

The police source insisted that there might be a mix up by the legal representative of Seyitan over claims of being arrested and detained by Police operatives at Ikeja in Lagos for 24 hours.

The security official insisted that the alleged rape victim was only invited to give her written statement and also to be interrogated as it was necessary for her to come forward to give a statement to back up her accusation.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Police interrogate D'banj over rape allegation

Nigerian singer, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as D'banj, has been interrogated by the Nigeria Police Force over the rape allegation made by Seyitan Babatayo.
The singer was interrogated by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Adaku Anya, at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Garki, Abuja, Punch reports.
The publication adds that Seyitan was also invited for questioning but pleaded that she couldn't afford to travel to Abuja so she was allowed to report at the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) in Alagbon, Ikoyi. According to the publication, a top police source said D'banj insisted in his statement that he never raped his accuser, Seyitan Babatayo.
The source said: "D’Banj has been questioned twice at the FCID, Abuja. He was questioned last week and also this week. We will leave no stone unturned as we investigate the matter."

. "Seyitan appealed with us that she had no means of travelling down to Abuja. So, she has been given the option of reporting at the FCID Annex, Alagbon, Ikoyi," the officer added.
Recall that the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, had ordered a probe into the rape allegation against the singer (read here). The IG had referred the case to a Deputy Inspector-General of Police to handle.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Dbanj not our Ambassador-UN

United Nations has said artiste, Oladapo Oyebanjo better known as D’Banj, is not a United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace, contrary to circulating reports.

The Director of Information, United Nations Information Centre for Nigeria, Joseph Kayanja, said this during an email chat with The Punch on Wednesday.
Following the rape allegation leveled against D’Banj by Seyitan Babatayo, an online petition set up by one E. Popoola began calling on the UN to strip the musician of the title.
The petition on has been signed by over 22,000 people as at June 24, 2020.
In 2012, D’Banj’s publicists had announced that the musician was the first Nigerian to be appointed a UN Youth Ambassador for Peace, an appointment which is also featured on his Wikipedia page.

Responding to an inquiry from the media outlet, the UN has now declared that D’Banj was never at any time given the title of ambassador by the UN.
The email read in part;

I would like to confirm that the said Mr. Oladapo Oyebanjo aka D’Banj is not a UN Ambassador. The title was accorded to him by an obscure UN youth association which has nothing to do with the United Nations. I hope this clarifies.

Some human rights activists and persons interested in the ongoing issue have been calling on brands such as Heritage Bank Africa, One Africa, CSA Global, and other establishments to disassociate themselves from Dbanj and stand in support of victims of sexual violence.
It is rumored that a N45 million endorsement deal with Heritage Bank Africa which the Kokomaster recently signed to mark his 40th birthday has been suspended due to the rape allegation.

‘Shame on You for Showing Us the Bully You Are’ – Mocheddah Blasts D’banj

Popular Nigerian Rapper and Singer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, otherwise known as Mocheddah has joined the long list of Nigerians who have either berated or canceled D’banj over the way his team reportedly handled the rape allegation that was leveled against him.

Mocheddah berated D’banj after an official press statement was released by his accuser, Seyitan. Seyitan in her statement had accused D’banj not only of raping her in 2018 but trying to tamper with justice by kidnapping, intimidating and bullying her since news of her rape accusation broke. Mochedah, in her reaction, said the issue has gone beyond rape and asked that D’banj be stripped of all awards and endorsements to send a strong message to bullies.

Her post reads ;

Shame on you, dbanj.
Shame on you for being the bully you have shown us you are.

Shame on you for silencing a young woman from speaking her truth.

Shame on you for being an instrument to unlawful imprisonment.

Shame on you for influencing the order to arrest a woman that has accused you of rape.

Shame on you for making her sign under duress.

you have shown.the world who you are, and that you truly stand for nothing.

This story has gone beyond rape. You have manipulated the justice system to fit your selfish interest. You have broken the law on multiple counts, and you deserve to be CANCELLED .dbanj should be stripped of his endorsements, and his awards should be retracted to send a message to all bullies that believe they are above the law.
The policemen that arrested seyitan unlawfully should all be exposed and relieved of their duty.

The power of your influence puts the onus on you to act right, but Regardless of your status, you are a man first .many might say this case is about cloth chasing, but takeout your bias towards your favorite and replace him with regular joe, wouldn’t you want the same Justice? Do the right thing

Monday, 22 June 2020

Rape allegation: Dbanj’s Ex Manager files defamation lawsuit against Kemi Olunloyo

Dbanj’s Ex Manager, Frank Amudo, has just filled a N200m lawsuit against controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo for libel and defamation. Frank Amudo’s law firm claimed that Kemi Olunloyo publicly labelled him the mastermind of the rape saga involving Dbanj and Miss Seyitan Babatayo.

It can be recalled that after Dbanj was accused of rape by Miss Seyitan, Kemi claimed that the entire scene was planned by the singer’s ex-manager Frank Amodu who’s also a friend of the said victim. She added that the entire story was cooked up to ruin his career, 40th birthday celebration, and release of his new album. In the document dated 22 June 2020, Amudo via his law firm has given Olunloyo three days to meet their demands which read in part: “Immediately cease and desist in publishing defamatory statements about our client. whether the statements are made by you or via third parties you have initially disseminated these statements too. “Cause a public retraction and apology to be published by you on your Instagram and Twitter social media platforms and also two (2) widely read and circulating newspapers within our jurisdiction stating that your statements are inherently and utterly unjustified and baseless. “Compensate our client in the sum of Two Hundred Million waits (200,000,000) only. through our law firm to alleviate his assaulted and battered image and the psychological trauma your statements have consequently brought upon him.”

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Alleged Rape : Actor, Timini Egbuson ‘cancels’ D’banj.

Popular Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson has reacted to the rape allegation that was levied against singer, D’banj by one Miss Seyitan.

The award-winning Actor revealed that he has officially canceled D’banj due to the way the whole issue was handled. It can be recalled that after Miss Seyitan Eunice Babatayo accused Dbanj of rape, the singer would go on to file a N100 million lawsuit against her. It was also reported that D’banj’s team got her arrested, made her retract/delete her old tweets and surprisingly she would go on to make post on her social media, promoting his songs. Reacting to the turn of events, Timini Egbuson, said he has canceled Dbanj in his books, adding that it would be repulsive if it was all a publicity stunt.

See his tweets below ; “I’m normally against cancel culture but Dbanj is cancelled in my books for real if this all some sort of publicity stunt.

Anyone with these type of accusations is foul and should face the full wrath of the law. What is even more disgusting than a cover up is using this as an opportunity to promote his next song, which was what I meant. “

Friday, 19 June 2020

IGP orders probe of D’Banj over the alleged rape of Seyitan

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered a probe into Oladapo Oyebanjo aka D’Banj rape allegations by Miss Seyitan.

The order is contained in a letter with reference number CB.7000/IGP.SEC/ABJ/VOl.484/801 signed by the Principal Staff Officer to the IG, DCP Idowu Owohunwa.

The IGP in the letter addressed to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Force Criminal Investigation Department, Area 10, Garki, Abuja, in response to a petition written by Mr. Tommy Ojoge-Daniel, a lawyer to Miss Seyitan Babatayo, who accused D’Banj of raping her in 2018 was titled, ‘Re: Petition Against (1) Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo (Aka D’Banj) for Rape Indecent Sexual Assault, Attempted Assault on Miss Seyitan Temidayo

It reads in part, “I forward herewith a copy of the letter dated June 5, 2020, received from Ojoge, Omileye, and Partners on the above-underlined subject. I am to respectfully convey the directive of the Inspector-General of Police that you treat. “Accept the assurances of my esteemed regards please.” Seyitan came out publicly to state that she was allegedly raped by D’Banj in December 2018 in Glee hotel after an all-white party. The musician, however, denied the allegations levelled against him and asked his accuser to make a public apology and also pay him the sum of N100m in damages.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

“DBanj told Seyitan that he has paid his lawyers N25m and she doesn’t stand a chance against him” – Actress Dorcas Shola shares her conversation with Dbanj’s accuser

Nigerian actress and presenter, Dorcas Shola-Fapson, has disclosed that she had a phone conversation with singer, Dbanj’s accuser, Seyitan, who was arrested two days ago in Lagos. According to actress, she spoke to Seyitan earlier today who revealed that she had all her things seized from her and left in a cell with criminals. Dorcas also revealed that Seyitan told her that Dbanj told her that he has paid his lawyers N25Million and that she doesn’t stand a chance against him. Read Dorcas’ tweets below, “I just spoke to @seyitannn_ She’s ok now. She was arrested and had all her things seized & left in a cell with criminals. D’banj’ team pressured her into those tweets & threatened to leave her in prison if she didn’t recant the allegation.

D’banj told Seyitan that he has paid his lawyers 25m & she doesn’t stand a chance against him.
THE POOR GIRLIS SCARED & obviously doesn’t have the money/resources to fight this!

@seyitannn_ !!!! @iamdbanj you are foul & disgusting. I knew that from our ‘encounter’ in LA. But this?? No.”

D'banj alleged rape: N1,640,000 raised to help kickstart defense process for Seyitan

Wine and Whine on Twitter claims that N1,640,000 has been raised through donations to help kickstart the defense for Seyitan who accused D’banj of rape.

According to the Twitter user, the money donated is set to be remitted to and accounted for with StandToEndRape for Seyitan “defense process and also help Seyitan herself” to get justice for the alleged rape by D’banj in an hotel room in 2018,

Hi everyone,

Together, today, we raised N1,640,000 for the legal fund, all of which have been properly remitted to and accounted for with

@StandtoEndRape .

This will help us kickstart the defense process and also help Seyitan herself.

Thank you to everyone who lent their voice.

Thank you so much for showing up for women today. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but she’s home and that’s a win.

Thank you to @kikimordi @AyodejiOsowobi @OmogeDami @darlingdami

and everyone who kicked up noise to make sure her rights were not trampled upon today.

And to everyone who donated, we see you, we love you and we appreciate you.

I'm done and leaving everything behind - Lady who accused D'banj of rape says as she denies being arrested

Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who accused D'banj of rape has denied claims of getting arrested alongside her mother.
Report of Ms Babatayo's arrest which investigative journalist Kiki Mordi insisted happened, had been trailed by mixed reaction as some social media users affirmed that D'banj is trying to clear his name while others condemned and accused him of intimidation.
In a tweet she shared after her alleged arrest gained public attention yesterday June 17, the lady stated that she is moving on and leaving everything behind her.
She tweeted;
I’m done with all these back and forth drama...Frank took me to the party and gave me the key to the room. I’m moving on and leaving everything behind me. Thanks and God bless

I don’t know where all this rumors are coming from . Myself and my mom were not and have not been arrested .

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Dbanj finally breaks his silence on the rape allegation leveled against him.

 He released a statement and also papers signed by his lawyers demanding a retraction and public apology from the accuser. He posted on his Instagram and said; “Today is exactly 1 week after my birthday and this will be the only time I will address the recent false allegations and lies from the pit of hell.
I have chosen to do so because the incident is a slap to my marriage and my beautiful wife, my entire family and those who believe in me. I did not want to dignify the slurs with a response but it appears my silence has empowered my accusers to think i have been scared into the shadows so I would like to state that these Accusations are false and ludicrous and Have been handed over to my Legal Team.

It’s unfortunate that this is coming a few weeks before the second anniversary of the passing of my son Daniel And this well timed falsehood has reopened the painful scars of my deep loss.
To my fans and loved ones , thanks for the support, your positive comments and prayers. God bless us all. 🙏🙏🙏”

Monday, 8 July 2019

Loved-up Photos Of Dbanj And His Wife Having Fun

DB records Boss, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’banj and his beautiful wife, Lineo Didi Kilgrow are still growing stronger in their marriage as the singer was pictured holding his beautiful wife closely.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Dbanj Receives Silver Plaque From Youtube After Hitting 100,000 Subscribers

Last night, Nigerian superstar and entrepreneur Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as ‘D’banj’ was hosted by Youtube music.
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