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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tatafonaija Exclusive-20 year old Nigerian girl Naizi Evah mudered in cold blood in her hostel room in South Africa (Photo)

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 I just got this mail and this is really really sad, read.....................

Pls a Nigerian lady was found dead in her hostel room in Vaal university of technology south Africa on Saturday the 24th of May 2014.
Prior to that time she had been in an abusive relationship with a Zimbabwean man, who also studies in same school with her, also same course.
He was arrested by the police but today he made bail at R5000 equivalent of 75 thousand naira
He had always been abusing her emotionally and physically, been beating her severally, threatened to kill her and all. But the police is saying there's no substantial evidence to link him to the murder because everything was wiped clean even her own cellphone

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Meet the five Nigerian students arrested for Godwin Ayogu's murder in the University of Cape Coast Ghana

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Five students of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, have been arrested in connection with the gruesome murder of 19 year old Godwin Ayogu, who was also a student of the school. Sadly, all the students arrested are Nigerians, worst still, they were his friends. One in particular was his roommate.
The students arrested are: Ogunsanyo Abayomi (the roommate), Obi Mnaetochi Brendan Ilozumba, Oti Uchechukwu Chijooke, Jimoh Oluwatobiloba Timileyin and Isaac Ifidon (all pictured above).
It is believed that Ayogu was killed over money on the school campus. His body, with legs and hands tied, throat slit and intestines gushing out (last pic right), was then dumped at Amamoma on the outskirts of the university.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nigerian Medical Doctor Dr Isioma Awele Ebegbodi shot dead by her husband in the US

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A 36 year old Nigerian Medical Doctor was shot dead by her 63 year old husband on Saturday March 22nd 2014 at their home in West Harris County, Houston, Texas.

Dr Isioma Awele Ebegbodi nee Unokanjo (pictured above), a mother of two and a medical resident physician at Marshfield Clinic in Texas, was shot dead around on that fateful day after getting into a fight with her husband and the father of her children, Martin Ebegbodi (also pictured above).

After killing his wife, Martin Ebegbodi went to a neighbors house and asked him to call the police. When deputies arrived, Martin Ebegbodi was arrested and charged with the murder of Isioma.

Isioma Ebegbodi attended Queens College Yaba and studied Medicine at the University of Lagos Medical School. May her soul rest in peace. Read her former classmate's FB post after the cut..

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I Cannot Marry Again Because The Sacrifices Are Too Much - Ayo Adesanya

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Ayo Adesanya
You are still single @45, would you still give marriage another shot?
Are you sure that I am still single?

I wouldn’t know until you tell me…
Well, it is my personal life and I don’t like discussing my private life with people. It is left for me and the people around me to know. So, am not going into any other details.

What gave you the courage to marry someone from your industry in the first place?
I think that will be attributed to my young age. When you are still young, you do a lot of funny things and as you grow up, you become more mature and understand a lot of things because your eyes will be open widely to so many things, I did that because I was a baby. But mind you, I didn’t say I want to get married any time soon nor looking for a husband.

Monday, 15 July 2013


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The final member of a 16-strong mob convicted of killing a 15-year-old schoolboy in an attack planned on Facebook was jailed for 11 years today.
Junior Bayode was 16 when he helped hunt down Sofyen Belamouadden, who was stabbed to death in front of hundreds of horrified rush hour commuters at Victoria Station in London.
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