Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Things to note from Naira Marley's Chat with Nigerian Police

 Things to note from Naira Marley's Chat with Nigerian Police

1). Police would get SARS off the roads and enforce this themselves

2). All Police officers henceforth must wear police Uniforms.

3). You can record the police, however not in Security Concious zones 4. POLICE officers henceforth would only move in licensed police vehicles and not Danfo and Keke Maruwa.

5). The Police Force responds to dms... So if you feel wronged, Call their numbers or dm the police via their social media accounts. 6). The Police claims they are open to Partnerships with youths to ensure effective policing. They said they are ready to recruit 10,000 youths.

Some People see Failure or Cowardice, But I See Progress and Success. Thank you @officialnairam1 Security Zones are places with heightened security or a need for heightened security e.g Airports...

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