Tuesday, 29 September 2020

An epistle with underlined pride’ - Mike Ezuruonye rejects Kunle Afolayan’s apology

Mike Ezuruonye, a Nollywood actor, has described the statement of apology from Kunle Afolayan, a film producer, as a commentary laced with “underlined pride”.
Ezuruonye had earlier accused Afolayan of tribalism after the movie producer shared a message from one of his fans, who claimed the actor scammed some women and lied about it.

Reacting to the accusation, the film director said it was very unfortunate that Ezuruonye would label him a “tribalist” in retaliation.
He also apologised to the actor and those who found his post “offensive”, stating that he was completely misunderstood.

Not satisfied with Afolayan’s expression of regret, the movie star took to his Twitter handle on Tuesday to explain what constitutes a sincere apology.

He said a sincere apology shouldn’t be “an epistle” laced with “very underlined pride.”
“A sincere Apology has Three Parts: I’m sorry. It’s my fault. What can we do to make this work? Not an epistle with very underlined pride,” he wrote.

In his statement of apology, Afolayan had said: “I did not see my innocent reaction to an indicting post by a random IG follower as capable of further hurting my friend and colleague, Mike Ezuruonye.

“Honestly, I was misunderstood. My reaction, which was rather spontaneous, was to chide the IG follower who appeared to be reporting the actor to me. And I merely asked (in Yoruba) how all of that was my business. It was like saying ‘when did I become an officer of the law’.

“Obviously, my colleague took the context of my post wrongly, and angrily accused me of tribalism. I do not know what gave birth to such misrepresentation.

“While I am famous for living and promoting everything that my tradition stands for as a Yoruba man, I have maintained a mutual friendship with people of other extractions, Igbos especially.”

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