Wednesday, 1 July 2020

“See kettle calling pot black” – Nigerians blast Anita Joseph for criticizing Akuapem Poloo over nude photo with son

Nigerians have upbraided Nollywood Actress, Anita Joseph, after she took to her Instagram page to rebuke Ghanian actress, Rosemond Alade Brown, aka Akuapem Poloo for snapping an unclad photo with her 7 years old son.

Anita in her reaction, stated that Poloo’s action is all shades of wrong and also said the mother has messed up her child’s head. Anita also said Poloo should seek mental evaluation because her action was delionsional. Her advice didn’t go down well with Nigerians who believe she does not have the moral leverage to criticize Poloo. See some reactions from her instagram comment section ;

My likeness for you vanished the moment you posted this … what do you post on married women who goes naked or half naked on social media 🤔 it’s her son so she does whatever she likes with him being wrong or good

Madam, you failed this one by walking into people’s privacy, I use to respect you but you don fuck up las las. It’s none of your business and like you have always been saying, everyone should stay on there lane. Nah your nakedness or your pickin. Nne “ aru emeghi”

mind ur business is her son not urs okay aproco

Honestly I think you goofed big time by reposting this. Is that supposed to fetch you some attention you haven’t gained in a while? Smh

Madam get out your not any better

Who is kettle to call pot black?anita dont u knw ur own is worst dan hers…..u dat exposes u hubby’s meal (ur body) on soial media,gbara oto n’ onwe ya.remove d peck from ur eyes 1st b4 u remove from others.@anitajoseph8

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