Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Genevieve berate Deyemi for making a joke of the WSW challenge

The women empowerment challenge kicked off recently and females, celebrities and other women have taken part to show their support for each other and appreciate their hard work by posting black and white pictures of themselves.

Actor Deyemi joined the challenge by posting a photo of himself dressed as a woman, and nominated his fellow actors to take part in the challenge.

Genevieve Nnaji wasn’t having it, she decided to educate him on the reason behind the challenge, emphasizing that it’s not for fun.

She said “we seek solace in humour to distract us from pain or discomfort. Tell me what is you feel exactly?

You see, the feeling that triggered you to make joke of a movement that can only be understood by those it was meant for; the feeling of being overlooked and disgraced is part of the point of the challenge. No one likes to feel invincible. You felt it for a second. Women feel it everyday of their lives. Let us hold our own hands if we want to. Be ok with it. Not everything is about you or for laughs.”

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