Monday, 16 September 2019

StarTimes, Kpop, Psy and Otondo in Japan

It’s a silly mistake Africans especially Nigerians make when the err at greeting an obvious Asian by saying Mihow- when infact the fellow is Japanese. The ubiquitous presence of Chinese is overwhelming in Africa. It has become a default expectation for many Africans to categorize most Asians they meet in Africa as Chinese. This can easily be linked to the massive population of China and their increased forays into Africa.

China are obviously not relying on their numerical advantage only. It is notable that they intend to permeate their cultural presence more via media, entertainment and news. CCTV and Startimes are China’s satellite TV service that is popular in Africa. There are affordable for low income homes and available in the major languages like English, French, Portuguese etc. Furthermore, China has invested in a flagship Startimes penetration campaign into rural Africa by installing TV sets in village town halls for dwellers to watch as a community.

Truly, the Chinese are rapacious about their TV content in Africa because the lost the clout of ASEAN countries to KTV or Kpop. The K means Korean; South Korean to be exact. Their soaps, dramas and music videos enjoy peak attention in Asia and global appeal. Even till date PSY Gangnam Style chart buster is still a party jam in clubs and radios in Nigeria. PSY even had the American hip hop artist and African fan favorite Snoop Dog on one of his song.

Where is Japan in all of this? One may ask. Surely, there has to be a media or TV strategy from Japan. It behooves on them more seeing Nigerian born Comedian Bobby Ologun is a big star in Japan and Nigerian American kiddies entertainer Ike Nwala is a smash hit on Tokyo TV. Yet Japan has been less visible compared to China and South Korean TV on the African continent.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics next year will be a spectacle. The is a thing on the way….Otondo in Japan.

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