Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Credit Switch Boss’ Widow - This Is How Togolese Cook Killed My Husband

Ebunoluwa, the Credit Switch boss’ widow who testified at the Lagos High Court on Tuesday, narrated how their Togolese cook killed her husband. According to the wife of the late Chairman of Credit Switch Technology, Chief Ope Bademosi, her husband called while she was at Polaris bank to make some transfers, asking why the suspect, Sunday Anani, was knocking on his room's door. She further revealed that she saw blood flowing from her husband's room after she returned from the bank.

The Credit Switch boss’ widow who narrated how the Togolese cook killed her husband, further said that she told the defendant that her husband was sleeping and wouldn't like to be disturbed. She said in court;

“I left the bank and drove through Bourdillon and went home; the security man opened the gate and I drove in and went through the kitchen’s door to gain access into the building, but it was locked. I knocked several times, calling on the defendant, but he didn’t come to open the door.

“While waiting, I got a call from my sister in Ibadan and we spoke for about six minutes. I called my husband but the phone was picked and nobody responded. I called him twice and the same thing happened; so, I went downstairs and decided to pass through the front door, thinking that if I got there, there would be somebody at the door, but by the time I got to the front door, it was left ajar."

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