Monday, 4 March 2019

Call for nominees for 2019 Social Media for Social Good Awards now open

The world of social media and digital communication is changing faster than ever. It’s so dynamic that many have used social media to impact positively and make significant change in the society.

We’re in search of the best and most impactful social media platform and that’s why the Social Media for Social Good Awards (SMSGA)was set up in recognition of this, to reward and celebrate brands, organizations, individuals and agencies using social media to promote good in society. Despite the many ills it comes with, a number have successful used it as a means to promote good and positivity.

Social media has no doubt proven itself to be an immensely powerful tool in today’s world, collapsing all time and distance barriers, and providing platforms a limitless space for growth and expansion.

The main aim of this award is to put these brands, organisations, agencies and individuals in the limelight and give a 100 of them across the African continent, the recognition they deserve annually.

This year’s edition of the show us slated to hold on 21st of April. While nominations are now open, entry deadline is 1st of April 2019, when the 100 finalists will be announced before the awards ceremony is held.

The nominees must have shown a remarkable use of their social media platforms in encouraging social good from January 2018 to January 2019.

A whooping sum of $3,000 is up for the grabs to use in supporting a social project/initiative of the grand prize winner.

Founder of the SMSGA, KaladaBelemaMeshack-Hartbelieves, that social media has a great role to play in the development of any society. “For this single reason, we want to recognize those who have taken it upon themselves to use social media as a change tool to impact on the lives of individuals and society. Social media has in many ways lost its relevance as it is one major tool that has been used for negative intentions and disunity in the society. Not many people will understand the importance of these social media change agents, we believe they are the real heroes in our society and should be celebrated.”

The judges were looking for entries that clearly demonstrate how they have incorporated social media into the heart of their operations, activities and brought about the desired impact and change.

Nominations can be sent via alongside social media handles and a bio of the social good project of the nominee.

The winners and honorable mentions of this prestigious maiden event will be celebrated atOriental Hotel in Lagos on the 21st of April, 2019 by 5pm.

The NGO organizing this initiative, Engage, Empower, Educate Initiative started last year with the aim of engaging, empowering and educating Nigerians and Africa. The NGO has been able to put together three projects; The African Women Summit which looked at how innovative technology could be used to solve Africa’s development challenges. Another project was, The Convergence, this project discussed was in increasing female participation in politics and political office. The Pad4all project was geared towards providing sanitary towel for young girls in school in rural areas. The SMSGA is the fourth project embarked on by this initiative.

For questions regarding the event and the awards call for entries, contact the office on 08079872255, 08079872255 or send an email to

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