Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Sick! Father R-pes 2-Year Old Daughter Just To Upload It To Dark Web

A little girl, who was just two years old “screamed and cried” while her father is said to have r-ped her in a sick attack which he filmed and uploaded to the dark web.

James Lockhart, 30, from Bradenton in Florida, now faces the death penalty if he is found guilty.
Homeland Security said Lockhart "Posted a video of extreme s-xual abuse of a female child (appearing to be less than 2-years-old) by an adult male."

Lockhart is said to have posted the eight minute video in November 2017.

The criminal complaint which has been filed in a federal court states the video “documents the rape” and the victim “screamed and cried” throughout the ordeal.

Lockhart is also said to have posted on encrypted web pages under the name StrangeWood detailing his sexual experiences with a young girl and boy and asked for suggestions for things he could do in the future, according to the Miami Herald.

Officials from Homeland Security managed to track Lockhart down through instant messaging service Kik on October 5 and raided his home.

During the operation it is also reported images of child pornography were found on his computer, including at least ten images that depicted toddlers.

Lockhart's wife "immediately and without hesitation" identified the toddler when she was shown photos taken from the video.

She also identified an adult hand in a photograph "as belonging to her adult husband, James Lockhart” as well as the girl’s stuffed toy animal and their sofa.
Further analysis of the video examined the indentation left by his wedding ring and the mole concealed by the ring, and determined it was the same hand.

Samples of Lockhart’s handwriting found around the home were also compared to a handwritten sign seen in the video.

The girl alleged to have been attacked has been taken into custody along with her twin brother.

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