Friday, 2 November 2018


African democratic congress gubernatorial candidate in Imo State insists

Speaking with a team of journalist at the State of the Nation Press conference today, 1ST of November, 2018 in Abuja, the African democratic congress gubernatorial candidate in Imo State, Ejike Chukwu reiterated once again that his party is neither in crisis nor is his candidacy unanimously and freely given to him by party faithful threatened in any way. 

While debunking the viral rumor, the candidate said the leadership of his party in both the national and State level are men of honor and integrity who will not trade the mandate of the people for any reason. He assured the media and the general public that he is on ground and preparing adequately for the general election.
Mr. Ejike Chukwu, who was recently endorsed by the former President, Chief Olusegun 

Obasanjo in Otta Ogun State few days ago also addressed so many other topical National Issues. On the recently concluded party primaries across the Nation, he urged party leaders across various political parties to ensure that internal democracy is enshrined in the conduct of the party elections while also guilding against imposition of unpopular candidates.

The ADC candidate promised to run an inclusive government that is people centered. The renowned philanthropist who is currently funding the educational needs of many indigent students in Imo State and beyond vowed to deploy his versed private sector and entrepreneurial experience to bear on the governance of Imo State, a State he reckoned is endowed with both human and material resources.

Mr. Ejike while concluding voiced his strong concern about the marginalization of his community, Ohaji-Egbema, an Oil producing community that has been continually neglected by successive administration in the State. He decried the deplorable conditions of the infrastructural amenities in the community. He promised to ensure that under his administration as the Governor of Imo State, that all parts of the State will be adequately and equitably catered for.      

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