Thursday, 16 August 2018

South Africa Shocked Over Death Of 'Paedophile Ring' Whistleblower

The publishers of a controversial book about an alleged South African apartheid-era paedophile ring say they are shocked by the death of the title’s co-author – just one week after its publication.
Mark Minnie was found dead on Monday and police believe he took his own life.

Tafelberg Publishers said they were last in touch with Mr Minnie on Sunday evening and that during the preceding week he had said "nothing to indicate he might harm himself".

He was excited about the publication of the book and the disclosure of allegations which, according to him, had been covered up for 30 years.

He said that the book was 'only the beginning' of the process to have justice prevail for the victims whose stories are told in the book.”

The writer had also told the publishers he was looking forward to Cape Town’s Open Book Festival where he and his co-author Chris Steyn were due to discuss the book.
The Lost Boys of Bird Island details allegations that former minister Magnus Malan was part of a paedophile ring active during white-minority rule, which ended in 1994.
Mr Minnie, 58, was a former police officer who worked as a narcotics detective in 1980s.
He alleges that Mr Malan, who died in 2011, and others lured young boys to Bird Island in Algoa Bay close to Port Elizabeth where they were molested.
Police say a note was found on the scene where Mr Minnie’s body was discovered in Port Elizabeth. A firearm had been found lying next to him.

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