Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ella Mensah Attacked By Armed Robbers In Lagos

Oh dear! Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah has experienced her worst day on earth, atleast according to her. Ella who is currently in Lagos for a movie shoot was attacked Tuesday night on her way back to her base. The beauty thought they were going to take her life because it happened so sudden and they meant it, but she’s glad they SPARED her life.

She shared her story online thanking all those who have reached out. We also thank God for her life!

''Never been afraid of my life until this past Tuesday...... Never seen a real gun,until this past Tuesday, never prayed for my life as hard as I did until this past Tuesday... God!! I thought I was going to die n never see my son again... I'm grateful they spared my life... Thank u Lord n a another Thank You to everyone who reach out to me even though I didn't even have a fon cus 'they' took everything... I'm good n I will be better soon'', she wrote while sharing photos...

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