Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Assistant Police PRO, Aliyu Giwa shares hilarious story of how he missed his flight and got his car bashed twice in 24-hours

Assistant PRO for the Nigeria Police Force annex, Aliyu Giwa has just shared a very hilarious story of how he got his car bashed twice this weekend, which led to him missing his flight and how the culprits involved begged and begged him for forgiveness.

Read his story below...

My brothers and sisters in Nigeria (Lagos especially) I don’t know the kind of warriors they might be or they are. On Sunday noon (29th July to be precise) was heading to the airport to catch a flight.

I was driving along the ojota to Maryland axis. Everything was fine until I got to the bus stop before the traffic light junction. An impatient Danfo (Lagos yellow bus) hit my jalopy (car) from the rear (GBOLAKA). Long story short, my rear windscreen got bashed! At 1st they (driver, conductor and some passengers in the bus) wanted to act funny!

Not until some passerby and some boys stationed there told the driver that “ where you dey rush go because you wan pick passengers, you don cos wahala for yourself”. One of the passenger and some passerby recognized me “ Aleey Giwa” na Police Officer him be oh! You wan dey shout and argue with am.”

After the whole drama, they started begging “Oga abeg we just start work” bla bla...... then people who noticed me started begging too.... “The begging was too much I had to let go” I missed my flight and got my jalopy bashed! 

Then on Saturday something similar to that happened (swipe to the right) and passerby begged too! “Aleey Giwa” this and that! Thanks to Demola Expoze and some guys that I don’t know their handle on here. (But abeg next time make una no beg me).

Please my people I am a public servant and I get family! na money I dey use fix my car too! If my jalopy (car) keep getting bashed everyday and people keep begging me which car will I use if my jalopy (car) stopped moving........? Well, God knows best! Last last we will all be okay!

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