Monday, 13 August 2018

2-Day Old Baby Stolen From Ugandan Hospital

Police in Uganda are investigating circumstances under which a 2-day old baby was reportedly stolen from Pallisa Hospital. The alleged theft occurred on the morning of Aug 12, when an unknown woman whom the mother, Betty Akello, had entrusted the baby with, disappeared.

It’s reported that on Sunday Ms Akello, a resident Omatakojo village, Kibale Town Council, Pallisa told Daily Monitor that they were leaving the hospital upon being discharged after giving birth at the hospital.

The mother, Ms Akello with her sister-in-law, said that while at the hospital’s main gate, they met a cunning woman who tricked them and picked the baby from them and then immediately boarded on a motorcycle and fled.

“I thought that the cunning woman only wanted to have a look at the baby as its common after one has given birth but unfortunately she had hidden motives to disappear with my child,” the mother said in tears.

On-lookers who responded to the cries of the woman nearly beat her up for being negligent.

In defense, she said that this was her first birth and she didn’t know the woman will disappear with her baby.

She was only saved by the hospital security guards who alerted police who came and rescued her. Too sad!

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