Friday, 6 July 2018

“You Cannot Be Dating A Lady And Not Be Willing To Support Her” – Relationship Expert

Relationship Expert, Allison Hyacintho is still in the business of shaking relationships tables, he breaks and he mends it.

In his latest post on Facebook, he delve into guys supporting their babe with cash anytime she wants to make her hair. He is of the opinion that it is a very bad attitude if guys can’t deem it fit to chip in little cash just to support their girlfriend hair bill.

Dear uncle, you cannot be dating someone and not be willing to chip in a little cash to support her when she wants to make her hair, that is a very bad attitude. And some of you brothers can just be comfortable like that, like you’re not bothered how she gets the cash or if she saves anything from her monthly pay, you are just not concerned about those little important details.
Every week she visits you with a new hairstyle and you’re fine? For real? hairstyle that your one naira is not inside, no common sense to chip in sometimes and help her reduce the financial load, do you know what that would mean to her? Your own is just to be giving her compliments every time she makes a new hair, I hail thee sir! uncle complimentor!� because recieving compliment is the only thing she came to do in this life.
We even have some brothers who celebrate that their girlfriend does not ask for these simple things, I mean you need to hear the way some men boast about this to their friends, and these are the same men who do not give to their partner willingly without being asked, they are just happy that they’ve got a woman who doesn’t ask for anything, and they don’t go out of their way to do anything for such a woman either, it is so sad. Such bad attitude.
Uncle trust me there is nothing to boast about here, nothing at all, there is nothing more exciting to a man than his ability to provide, especially when he is not being told. If you’ve got a woman who does not ask you for anything don’t celebrate that independent woman by doing nothing to encourage her independence, use your common sense to identify some of her petty needs and support her, such women do not need alot, gestures as simple as;
“baby take this little 5k and add it to the money you have saved up to make your hair”
“Baby don’t worry about the cash to make your hair next month, I will save up for you.”
“Love I have just 3k on me, use it to buy a new weavon”
“Baby what if i buy you a new wig to replace this old one that is making you look like Bob Marley “��
Sometimes these are the kind of compliments your woman needs to hear, not when she has to ask, com’on! It is not everytime you’ll go and be blowing siren woow wow wooow baby you look beautiful, please start doing something to encourage her beauty, wooow wooow wow cannot buy darling yankee.���

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