Thursday, 19 July 2018

Uber Driver Calls Drake A ‘F**king Idiot’ After His Car Got Dinged

Drake and his driver got into a spot of trouble with an irate Uber driver.

Footage captured by TMZ shows the rapper arriving at Delilah, a restaurant in Los Angeles, on Tuesday night.

The rapper didn’t go into the restaurant and stopped in his tracks after hearing someone shout ‘f**king idiot.’

It turns out Drake’s driver had allegedly opened his door a little too roughly and dinged an Uber driver’s car.

The Uber driver is seen arguing with the driver in the video as Drake watches on in the distance.

Eventually, the unnamed Uber driver called the police to investigate.

LA County Sheriff’s Deputies showed up, but a crime was not committed and no official police report was made.

It wasn’t long before the Uber driver turned on the paparazzi, who asked him what happened. He responded: ‘F**k you.’

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