Sunday, 1 July 2018


The news of another round of killings, this time of close to 100 persons of Birom descent spread over 3 Local Governments in Plateau State assailed me  like a jolt of lightening!
That this could still happen inspite of the billions of Naira being invested in security annually, and  despite all  admonitions that security chiefs take their responsibilities seriously leaves one reeling with shock.

How does one explain this ceaseless and wanton destruction of human lives without the culprits being apprehended and punished.  With all the apparatus available for surveillance and crime detection  in today's civilisation? 
How long is this mindless butchering of our compatriots to be tolerated with the only reprieve we get being  excuses and palliative?
How can we expect the global community to take us seriously when we complain about our citizens not being treated fairly outside the shores of Nigeria, when we ourselves give proof daily that we value our citizens live less than that of animals.

Human life is amongst, the greatest of God's gift, and the essence of civilisation is to ensure its security and preservation to enable it attain to its full potentials. Consequently, any taking of human life, without the due process of law is repugnant and abhorrent to society and should not be tolerated.

As a matter of fact , the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes it abundantly clear that the sole reason for the existence of government is the security and welfare of citizens.

It however seems our Security Chiefs, inspite of several calls and admonitions to it to prevent further loss of Nigerian lives, are indifferent to our citizens wellbeing, but are rather egrossed with and seem to derive satisfaction from the bullying and harassment of any dissenting voice to citizens unfriendly policies of the Executive.

It has become imperative to draw the attention of our security chiefs to the fact that the continued unabated butchering of Nigerians without the  apprehension and trial of the culprits, despite the availability of modern devices for information gathering, 
reconnaissance and detection leaves one with  just one of two inferencs: (i) that our security chiefs are incompetent or (ii) that they are complicit in this gruesome killings of innocent Nigerians, whom paradoxically, are under a duty to protect.  

Whichever of these positions might be the case, it is high time every person of reason demands that these 'insecurity chiefs' either become alive to their duties or be relieved of their posts forthwith.

Definitely, such sensitive offices should not continue to be occupied as a favour or as a largesse, it must be merited!
Their continued occupation of such exalted office without fulfilling the attending obligation of securing the lives and properties of each and every Nigerian, is like smoke in the eye, an aberration.

It is also hightime the Legislature as the primary representatives of the people live up to its constititional mandate of securing the welfare of the people it claims to represent, by compelling the Executive to rejuvenate and restructure its current one-sided security achitecture, and to reposition it for a more effective dispensation of its constitutional roles in the interest of the people as opposed to maintaining an ineffectual person in office, against the will of rhe electorate at the right time,  else it would be deemed to have betrayed Its oath of office. 

President Buhari must not only show capacity but must prove capacity. Too much blood in the land.  The Presidency must show that they are not comfortable with the valley of death that our beloved country is turning into, for now nothing shows that there is interest to abate the senseless killings going on.  ACT NOW!

Above all God please walk through Nigeria. Grant us  peace and heal our land.

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