Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Leo Babarinde Dasilva: How Lady Dumped A Man Who Sponsored Her For A Richer Guy

According to a Nigerian man identified Leo Babarinde Dasilva, his former colleague at work met his wife in the University and helped her through school. They got married and lived happily until a richer man came along.

The lady abandoned her husband and daughter for the guy with money.

Read the Tweets below;
"Men go through heart break a lot but “be a man” won’t let some of us voice it out.

I remember a former co-worker of mine, he got married very early. Let’s say 24, straight after Uni. The girl he married, she wasn’t done with school at the time.
My G assisted her till she was done.

She got done and after like a year, they had a daughter together. He decided to look for a job for her.

They were very happy. Both of them working and growing together. Now this is where the story turns bad. She met a “rich” man at work.

She started having an affair and she got pregnant by this “rich man”. She confessed to him, left him and travelled abroad with the rich man. Mind you she left her first kid with him.

Long and short of the story, it’s been over 10years. No karma. The lady is enjoying her life abroad. The man is still doing his best to raise his daughter. God bless him.
This life is very sad but we move still."

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