Thursday, 12 July 2018

IN PHOTOS: Daddy Freeze Explains What The Phrase A ‘Small Girl With A Big God’ Meansssssss

Lmao, Daddy Freeze is an agbaya, it’s official, lol. Oh dear! Ofcourse most people know the small girls with a big God drama are mostly…. Runs girls, and Daddy Freeze couldn’t hide his feelings towards that phrase, he had to express what they mean with pictures. So many people know what that phrase means though, but have kept their cool, but Daddy Freeze won’t, he is all out dramatizing it, lol. 
But why will Freeze do this. See his second photo below…

N.B.. ofcourse we have real small girls with a Big God, but not when someone that F*** openly comes out to say she has a big God. My Daddy is not a Daddy of prostitutes, we all know who their daddy is, lol. The Bible already made it clear. Hahaha

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