Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Cossy Orjiakor, A Physically Challenged Man & Her Boobs Cause Debate On IG

Lmao, people are not well. See, there’s a debate on Cossy’ page after she showed off some raw flesh of her boobs.

A man who they say is physically challenged (ofcourse following Cossy on instagram) jumped on her page to call her an old woman and asked her to get a life. Cossy then went on to look at his page closely and found out he was physically challenged then lashed at him.

She didn’t even really abuse him o. And some said Cossy shouldn’t have insulted him because of his condition, while some said, if he can insult another person, then he can also be insulted.

But wait! Why shouldn't Cossy insult him? Someone that can insult another person shouldn't be insulted back because he is physically challenged? Please! If you can insult someone, then they can insult you back, HAHAHA. What he said and Cossy's response below... But wait, don't insult people o...

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