Monday, 2 July 2018

Bullied schoolgirl arrives at her prom with a motorcade escort of 127 bikers in a show of support organised by her uncle

A bullied teenage girl from County Durham in North East England arrived in style at her school prom with a motorcade escort of more than 127 bikers who turned up to show their support.

16-year-old Chloe Robson has been tormented since the age of seven and the event left her with low self-esteem. Her problems even got worse at Hermitage Academy in Chester le Street where she was shoved around and had things thrown at her, according to Mail Online.

According to Chloe, "The bullying had a bad effect - it made me feel left out and alone."

In other to show support to the bullied teenage girl, her uncle Grant Robson, 42, who runs support group Bikers Against Bullies, organised 127 motorcyclists who escorted Chloe to her school prom to their show support.

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