Saturday, 19 May 2018


My beloved Constituents,

The past two weeks have been the most humbling and reflective period of my entire life. I tried very hard, practically at every moment, to couch the words to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your overwhelming turnout, warm reception and unprecedented solidarity at my official declaration of intent to vie for the House of Representatives, representing Jalingo, Yorro and Zing Federal Constituency in the 2019 general elections, on Saturday 4th May,  2019 at Jalingo. 

I am much aware that this message falls short of serving its purpose. But I know that you, my dear people, will understand, because no words will actually suffice to express the profundity of my emotions. 

For while the series of events that preceded the grand reception ceremony, vis-à-vis the sustained call on me to represent my people by various dignified individuals and interest groups from our constituency, and the bold displays of support for my candidature filled me with pangs of excitement; the activities that marked the reception ceremony left me in a very pensive mood and feeling drained, as I've been immersed in thoughts and have wept profusely, since I touched feet on Jalingo airport on the epochal date of my reception ceremony and official declaration of intent. 

I was dazed at the number of people; young and old, male and female, that thronged the Jalingo airport to receive me and my entourage. I sobbed all through the over one and half hours drive from the airport to the city centre, as each time I looked around, I felt undeserving of the mass of excited supporters that defied the elements of nature to accompany me in their private vehicles, motorcycles, tri-cycles, bicycles and most touching of all, on their feet, from the airport right to the Emir's Palace and to our family home at Majidadi ward.

The fact that majority of the individuals, unions and organizations that mobilized _en mass_ to receive me were unknown to me, and that everyone that came did so on their own accord and expense, was what touched me the most. 

The energy, determination and resilience of my people, most of whom endured the long over 20 kilometers solidarity trek in my honour from the airport, brought me in touch with some hard realities. 

For instance, I got a first-hand feel of the extent to which my people have craved for good governance, particularly at the House of Reps. I also got to appreciate the collective resolve of my people to embrace genuine change in 2019, by the instrumentality of their ballots. I am convinced beyond doubt that no force on earth can stop a people united by purpose, as the people of Jalingo, Yorro and Zing are united to champion the cause of the rapid development of the constituency by, among other things, ensuring my emergence as their Federal Representative in 2019.

It equally dawned on me, the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead of me, in ensuring that I do not give you all, my zealous and expectant supporters, the slightest cause to regret your commitment to the noble cause of instating me as your Federal Representative in the next general election. 

Therefore from the very depths of my heart, I wish to exceedingly thank you all for the great honour accorded to me at my reception ceremony and subsequent official declaration. 

I solemnly promise not to betray the huge confidence you have reposed in me. I pledge my abiding commitment to you all, and to the worthy cause of the peace, unity and progress of our federal constituency. 

It is my earnest prayer that God Almighty, who is the Giver of life,  Maker of kings and Enabler of men, will crown our efforts with resounding success. I also pray fervently, that God in his infinite mercy will sustain our lives and health, to be witnesses and partakers of the change that my ascension as your Federal Rep will usher,  come 2019.

I humbly urge you all to keep the spirit alive and to ensure that all the eligible voters among you collect your PVCs, so that we can make a reverberating statement to the world next year via our votes, that we, the people of Jalingo, Yorro and Zing Federal Constituency, by the enabling grace of God, are ready to take our destiny into our hands. 

Finally, I pray that the peace, mercy and divine favour of the Almighty beset you all, especially in this holy month  of Ramadan... Juma'at Mubarak and happy weekend to you all..

Thank you very, very much, and may God bless us all. 

Aspirant for the Federal House of Reps; Jalingo, Yorro and Zing Federal Constituency, of Taraba State...

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