Saturday, 31 March 2018

Your Vision Will Make Way For You In Fulfilling Your Dream

We are in a world today where some people have not discovered their purpose thereby making them people without vision, a man is to know his purpose on earth. We were not just created to be born ,live and die. God is not a life waster, every man has a purpose for living. Now when has discovered his purpose he or she can never get wrong vision Jeremaiah 1:5 and here 1: 11.

Now what is vision and dream: vision means the ability to think about or plan for the the future with imagination or wisdom. While dream mean a loved aspiration or ambition or ideal and we have people in this world today without vision and purpose and some having the wrong vision and some no vision and no purpose.

In this study we shall see and discover our purpose where we can get the right vision and run with it. What is purpose can be defined as an objective to be reached ,a target or an aim,a goal there is general purpose for which God created man.

1. To worship Him

2. Be fruitful , multiply the earth subdue and to have dominion

3. God created man for his glory

Written by :

Akinwale Akintunde

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