Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Revelations On NIA Lootings; The Way Forward, Obande Blow Hot


A Nigerian Youth Activist, Comrade Obande Gideon, Minority Leader, Nigerian Youth Parliament h
as again break his silience on the continuous looting and   Miss-priority placed on the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Reacting, Comrade Obande stated that the revelations that trailed the post appointment era of the new National Intelligence Agency (NIA) boss Dr Abubakar further, gives us reasons to question the insistence on his appointment as the continuous disappearance of funds from the Agencies vault is alarming.

It's however shocking that the confidence reposed on President Buhari's fight against corruption will drop drastically if individuals who have been fingered as being part of those who looted the agencies vault still walk free.

With tens of million disappearing in dollars, the fear of what these funds are going for and where it is going to are questions on the mind of Nigerians. Can we refer to these people as sacred cows? Are they too powerful for the Anti-Corruption Protagonist Ibrahim Magu to clamp down on them?

As much as we regard the powers of the president to appoint who ever he feels he can work with, will it be fair to the Middlebelt with precision on the Benue valley that to quell the insurgency North Easterners were appointed into security offices yet in the case of the Middlebelt there was no consideration to have given the appointment of the DG NIA to the Middlebelt that was plagued with herdsmen and revelations on the fact that these violent herdsmen were migrants from other countries?

With the controversy trailing the national Identity of the new NIA boss points to the fact that within the agency, there is dissatisfaction with the choice of the new boss. This development is a treat to national security as such strategic office should not have such controversies surrounding such a key appointment.

It is not late to effect a change as it will be disastrous to play our national intelligence into the hands of other nations. The Middlebelt and precisely the Benue Valley have competent hands that can handle this responsibility.

This change will restore the regions confidence in the President Buhari's administration as these Nigerians rather feel there are fugitives in their own Land.

As the revelation of those involved in the looting continue and names are mentioned; we call on the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to invite such people and hear them out in other to maintain there integrity before Nigerians, and prove that they are not tools in the hand of the political class.

Further more, Comrade Obande noted that a change in the exalted office of the DG NIA is Imminent as there have been too many controversies within a very short time of his appointment. The Middlebelt is in dare need of a strategic security intelligence and there is no better time to reward their support at the 2015 Polls than this trying time as blessing delayed can be seen as blessing denied.

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