Monday, 23 October 2017

SERAP is misleading Nigerians, National Assembly must be praised for attending to the common man

How can SERAP convince Nigerians that its not an evil instrumentation of the FG meant to use to intimidate people, when it has just made the most clumsy statement concerning the national assembly intervention in the case of the former first lady, Patience Jonathan that was brought to it. How can SERAP say that the national assembly should stay clear off EFCC  trial of Patience , when the act establishing the EFCC was passed by national assembly, and the national assembly itself is an arm of government saddled with the responsibilities of moderating the activities of the executive and all its instrumentalities, and the national assembly members were elected by their constituents to protect their rights. The national assembly has the right and must continue to moderate and check the excesses of the executive and its instrumentalities , including the EFCC, especially in this lawless and vicious administration and their draconian laws . It is worthy of note that the accounts in question has no encumberance by a court order and as such the National Assembly did not infringe on the powers of the judiciary.

National President 
Coalition Of Youths for a Better Nigeria

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