Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lady calls out Instagram user for attempting to rape her

A lady Àyìnké (elle.daddy on Instagram) has called one Chimaroke Ekwueme for allegedly attempting to rape her.

She wrote

Before that fateful evening's event which I will narrate to you, this guy was one of the people whose opinions on social media, aligns with sensible public opinion especially on Religion, sexual harassment and rape culture.

On that day, we were in solidarity on @instablog9ja comment section on the issue of the pedophile who followed a ten year old Into the female toilet at Domino's pizza, remember that post? He strongly condemned the act of pedophilia, rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. And men must establish consent in and sexual situation. As he normally does.
In the DM we continued our conversation on this topic and he asked me out to talk over drinks, which I accepted cos he stays not far from me and the venue was an open place and had the perfect ambience to engage in some cerebral conversations.
I met him at the venue and we greeted, I ordered a Long Island and he had a bottle of beer. We settled down and immediately got to chatting. I discovered that during the course of our conversations, he subtly kept deviating from topics and eventually discontinuing them , I noticed he was panning out of things to say really quick. I thought maybe it's just a case of people who find it difficult to express themselves orally and would rather write things down, because the impression he gives on social media is that of an open minded, Intellectual.
After a short while, he suggested we leave where we were and go to a club which i refused , I told him this was just supposed to be a quick chat and not a full blown night of rowdy fun and that was what I came out for. Moreover how are we supposed to hold a conversation in a club where music would be blaring? , he agreed and said OK.
Barely 2 minutes later, he suggested we went to another place and I said no, then he started acting uncomfortable and said he just wanted to leave where we were and I said okay then, you leave and I'll head back to my house as initially planned. He said no he was enjoying our conversation but he just wanted us to move to another place. So I said okay, but i don't want Loud music and all. CNTD.

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