Monday, 21 August 2017

Arewa Youth Welcomes President Buhari, Describes Nnamdi Kanu As Unpatriotic Citizen

we wish to in a very special way, welcome the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) back to the country (Nigeria) from his medical trip to the United Kingdom. It would be recalled that Mr. President left Nigeria for the United Kingdom on the 7th of May, 2017 to seek medical attention abroad after transmitting a letter to the National Assembly to hand over power to his Vice (Prof. Yemi Osinbajo) to act in acting capacity as the President in line with the provision of the constitution. 
So many things transpired back here (Nigeria) in his absence - ranging from the rumours of his death by some members of the opposition party and political enemies, to the speculation of Mr. President being on a  life support machine by some power-hungry political elements. After all the rumours, all thanks to Almighty God the giver of life and the sustenance of good health. Mr. President is back hale and hearty contrary to the wish of your enemies, even though Mr. President has no permanent enemy as a true father. Arewa Youth Council  is particularly thankful to God whom has granted Mr. President a quick and speedy recovery. Mr. President, Arewa Youth Council  wishes to state categorically that, your speedy recovery is a sure sign that Nigeria's economy will in no time, recover and bounce back to reposition Nigeria as the Giant of Africa again, in no time.

While we are overwhelmed with happiness over Mr. President's return in sound health of mind and body, it is important that we (AYC) advise Your Excellency as a matter of urgency to put your cabinet members through some sorts of loyalty tests so as to confirm their true state of loyalty. This, we think is pertinent because, while you were away, some of them compromised their loyalties to the extent that, they went dining and wining with people whose political ideologies were/are not in the same page with Your Excellency's. We suggest you do this in no time because, an outright enemy is far better than an insincere brother. Hmm! A stitch in time they say, saves nine. 
Rt. Comr.Dogo Ejeke Shagari
President elect.
Arewa Youth Council

It is worthy of note that, Nigerians entrusted you with their votes in the 2015 election that ushered you into power again, as the President and Commander-in-chief of Nigeria's Armed Forces - as the only hope of the  ordinary man, to pilot the affairs of an almost crumbled nation Nigeria to stardom - not to die in office as were speculated by your political enemies. While some whom we refer to as "educated illiterates", yes, educated illiterates because they have no clear understanding of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, were busy protesting for an unconstitutional and unpatriotic course (#ResumeOrResign - #OurMumuDonDo), God was busy equipping you with the needed health, strength, vision, wisdom, knowledge and the know-how that would enable you (Mr. President) finish the good work you have started.

Not withstanding, while you were away, one Nnamdi Kanu was busy making inflammatory comments and hate speeches - speeches capable of breaching the peace, order, unity and oneness Nigeria enjoys as a country. Arewa Youth Council would like to state clearly that the interest of Nigeria as one United and Indivisible entity supersedes the greedy and selfish interest of one rascal, unpatriotic and rebellious individual who parades himself as the leader of one united, industrious, law abiding and peace loving group of people (d Nd'Igbo). We therefore suggests that, rather than folding our arms and watch him ruin the peace and oneness this country enjoys, he should be rearrested in the best interest of public paffair's of the nation are piloted in line with global best practices during your stay in the United Kingdom. All these, he was doing with undiluted loyalty and patriotism and in recognition of the fact that as a steward, his boss (Mr. President) would be back someday and he would need to give account of his stewardship to Your Excellency. Indeed, Prof. Osinbajo's loyalty is unrivaled as same was tasted during and within the 105 days' of your medical vacation. No doubt, he (Prof. Osinbajo) is a dependable associate - not like some of those wolves in sheep's clothing you have in the name of friends and allies.

  • Once again, you are welcome back, Mr.  President. May the requisite strength, wisdom, sound health of mind and body you need to drive Nigeria to the promise land be granted by the almighty Father. 

Long live President Muhammadu Buhari! 
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!
Signed Rt. Comr.Dogo Ejeke Shagari
President elect.

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