Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Menace Of Jungle Justice And The Need For Redress By Law Enforcement Agencies - OPINION

Criminalizing homosexuality by the Nigerian government has made so many citizens bold enough to take the laws into their hands through act of violence against suspected homosexuals and the people engaged in homosexual activities. One of such is the case of
Ojukwu Eze Moses and Collins Chukwuma Obinna who were almost lynched in Durumi 1 area of Abuja some couple of weeks ago for being caught by a neighbor making out. This neighbour alerted others and the house of Ojukwu Eze Moses and Collins Chukwuma Obinna was invaded. 

It took the intervention of some of the elders in the area to save their lives from the mob lynching which we now refer to jungle justice, a case where suspected petty thieves, homosexuals, kidnappers, and others are beaten and burnt alive by mobs. The state and federal government seemed not to be bothered by such mob killing and it has emboldened people all over the country even in a democracy. 

Ojukwu Eze Moses and Collins Chukwuma Obinna have been in hiding since the incident, afraid of friends and even relations, in a country of homophobic people

The case of the duo is rampant all over the nation as the law enforcement agents don't do anything about such brutality or are part of it. 

On April 15, 2017, a team of police led by DSP Muhammad Lawal-Mashi arrested and brought to police station 53 persons who were allegedly arrested during a gay marriage at Zaria Motel and they were charged for conspiracy, unlawful assembly and belonging to a gang of unlawful society, reported Premium Times of April 19th, 2017 and the News Agency of Nigeria. They were granted N500,000 bail. Since then the news hasn't made it to the media and we don't know the fate of the people. 

Same sex relationships has been banned and criminalized by the Nigerian state and attracts 14 years in prison, if the people involved are lucky not to be beaten to stupor by mobs or lynched. 

For the case of Chukwuma Collins Obinna and Ojukwu Eze Moses, they have gone underground and are hiding since the incident in a society where you are not safe to be gay or suspected to be one.

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