Thursday, 29 June 2017

Shock as Stark N*ked and Drunk Woman is Caught Near a Beach With Her Kids Left Alone in Her Flat

A woman who was completely n*ked and drunk, has been nabbed near a beach while her kids were left alone in her flat.

A British holidaymaker has been arrested after police found her walking “drunk and n*ked” near a Gran Canaria beach while her children were left alone in a flat nearby, a Daily Star UK report has shown.
Officers were called to the resort of Patalavaca after receiving several calls about a middle-aged woman with no clothes on and youngsters throwing objects into the street.
The unnamed 30-year-old had already returned to the property by the time officers arrived.
But they discovered the door still open and her kids – aged just four and one – crying because they were hungry and with clear signs of neglect.
The younger of the two children, due to turn two in four months time, is said to have had been wearing a dirty nappy which had caused her sores.
Their mum was lying on her bed with no clothes on when police entered the flat, in a street called Nayra Street in Patalavaca which is near Arguineguin on the south coast of Gran Canaria.
Civil Guard officers did not name her or reveal her nationality in a statement, describing her only as a foreigner and identifying her by the initials S.G.S
But she was identified as a British national by Spanish media. The children’s grandfather, who lives on the holiday island, agreed to look after them following his daughter’s arrest.
A Civil Guard spokesman said in a statement: “Officers arrested a 30-year-old foreign woman on June 23, who was on holiday in Gran Canaria and was staying at Nayra Street in Arguinegin which belongs to the municipality of Mogan.

“They went to the area in question after receiving several calls about a woman who was apparently inebriated and walking naked through the streets, while her children were throwing objects into the street.

“When officers arrived, locals told them the woman in question had returned to the place where she was staying moments earlier.
“They went to the place in question, discovering the door was open and hearing children crying.

“They entered immediately and found it in a mess with two youngsters, a boy aged four and a girl aged one year and eight months, who looked neglected.

“The little girl was in her crib and her nappy was full of excrement with nappy sores on her legs, a clear sign she had had the same nappy on for several hours.

“The four-year-old was crying and asking for food. Officers offered them food and water which the youngsters gratefully accepted.
“They also saw that the mother - whose initials are S.G.S - was laid on the bed without any clothes on and looked drunk.

“The officers acted immediately to take charge of the youngsters and alert professionals able to offer them immediate medical care.

“Their grandfather, who lives in the area, ended up taking charge of them.

“The mother was subsequently arrested on suspicion of a crime of abandonment and handed over to a local judge for questioning.”
It was not clear last night if she had been released on bail after a court quiz, or remanded in prison.
Immediate whereabouts was also unclear.

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