Monday, 5 June 2017

See Breakdown Of 2016 Internally Generated Revenue By Geopolitical Zones


1) South-West: N404 Billion
2) South-South: N198 Billion
3) North-West: N69 Billion
4) North-Central: N54 Billion
5) South-East: N49 Billion
6) North-East: N29 Billion
Lagos: 302,425,091,964
Ogun: 72,983,120,003
Oyo: 18,879,084,132
Osun: 8,884,756,040
Ondo: 8,684,406,573
Ekiti: 2,991,041,855

Total: 414,847,500,567
Rivers: 85,287,038,971
Delta: 44,057,915,472
Edo: 23,041,425,599
Akwaibom: 23,269,750,752
C/river: 14,776,808,331
Bayelsa: 7,905,458,280

Total: 198,338,397,405
Kwara: 17,253,829,559
Kogi: 9,569,124,487
Benue: 9,556,495,064
Plateau: 9,191,372,277
Nassarawa: 3,402,616,062
Niger: 5,881,584,409
Total: 54,855,021,858
Kano: 30,959,027,531
Kaduna: 17,051,864,537
Zamfara: 4,777,169,537
Sokoto: 4,545,765,527
Katsina: 5,545,900,833
Jigawa: 3,535,349,908
Kebbi: 3,132,343,261
Total: 69,547,421,134
Enugu: 14,235,512,227
Abia: 12,694,839,539
Imo: 5,871,026,976
Ebonyi: 2,342,092,225
Anambra: 14,791,175,253
Total: 49,934,646,220
Bauchi: 8,677,265,878
Adamawa: 5,788,979,592
Gombe: 2,941,438,110
Yobe: 3,240,867,567
Borno: 2,675,723,063
Taraba: 5,895,538,974
Total: 29,219,813,184
Please note that economic activities in the north-east has suffered greatly from the war against Boko Haram. Another thing that is clear from this statistics is that every region in Nigeria depends on oil from the Niger Delta. It is not as if they can't work harder to survive without oil money, but if you compare what they're generating currently to what they're receiving in federation account allocation, then you would understand why they're so lazy.
Another thing from the statistics is that the South-West is the only region in Nigeria that can survive right now no matter what happens in the oil industry. Funny enough, they're also the only region making the least noise and focusing completely on development. No wonder the economy of the country is controlled by individuals from that region.
Another thing to point out from this statistics is that the south-east has no superiority claim over the north. It is pure wickedness for those who clamour for Biafra to watch the economy of that region suffer while they preach about what would've been if they had their pipe dream. Why have all those who are promising to make Biafra heaven on earth not coming up with those ideas to improve the IGR of the south-eastern states, so as to at least improve the living condition of the people living there? Look at Lagos, look at Ogun, look at Kano, look at Rivers State and the high IGR they all command... Igbos are one of the biggest contributors to those IGRs, not by force but by choice, and they do so by freely associating with people from those regions. But Ogun State alone generates more revenue than all the south-eastern states combined, which means that on the strength of this statistics, it is arguable that the Igbos do better by associating with other people, and will perform woefully by staying on their own.

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