Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Read Full Speech Of Barr. Dan Nwanyanwu During The Official Unveiling Of APDA (PHOTOS)

It is with great sense of honor and gratitude to God, my colleagues and associates that I have been called upon to perform this historic task of unveiling and presenting to you our political party - Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA)
. It is common knowledge that none of the Promoters and foundation members of this great platform is new in Nigeria politics. As we assembly here today, many of us come from different political backgrounds but we are bound together by a shared ideology - a meeting of minds if you like, by persons identified for their character and integrity. Perhaps the questions that will be agitating the minds of so many Nigerians will seek answers as to the reasons and rationale in founding yet another political Party?  There are after all more than forty political parties on the register of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as well as many other applications before INEC awaiting registration as Political Parties. Our reason is simple. With the established political parties lacking any ideological anchor to unite well meaning Nigerians, we concluded we needed a new platform to give room to new ideas, new alignments, new energy and most of all, new pragmatic approaches to confronting national and political challenges. So many of the established political parties appear to be fixated with recycling the same old leaders, repeating the same old rhetoric and reabsorbing the same old moribund way of doing things.

As against this new order, most existing Nigerian political parties are fixated and set in these old ways thus becoming a cul-de-sac of strange bedfellows with even more estranged ideologies. The only point of convergence being the conquest of power and the sharing of the bounties of such conquest. It is for this reason that Nigerians witnessed high mobility of politicians including those elected into elective offices migrate from the political platforms they used in acquiring power to other political parties without any scruples in consideration for principles and morals.
Similarly, most of the political parties in existence today conveniently attach “progressive” to their names when indeed they are reacting political parties in content and character or at best ultra conservative political parties. Progressivism connotes regular positive change, for the growth and development of the society whereas some of these so called political parties do not make any pretence about their resistance to change. The on-going debate in the country between those who support the implementation of the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference and those who are vehemently opposed to the outcome of that conference is a typical example here.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the political party I am unveiling today on behalf of all of us is ideologically roofed and seeks to address all the fundamental issues that will keep Nigerians united with every citizen having a sense of equality, justice, protection, belonging and fair play.
I shall now proceed to mention some of the highlights of what will stand this party out as unique and different. There is no doubt that most Nigerians are dissatisfied with lack of discipline and near absence of internal party democracy that characterise most of the political parties in existence today. We are determined to present to Nigeria a political party that will be highly disciplined, provide the level playing field to all its members, remove every trace of godfatherism and restore the dignity and supremacy of the "party" in the affairs of its members and for the benefit of its members.

(1) What is Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA)?
Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) is a convergence of patriotic citizens who are committed to the indivisibility and corporate existence of Nigeria and who are determined to enrich true federalism, social inclusion, National Cohesion and public trust in governance.

(2) APDA stands for social democracy with efficient and sustainable sector services delivered as its primary focus.

(3) Why should you join APDA?
We are the first political party to introduce bio-metric membership card, and electronic voting for all our elective positions. This means that it will be impossible to impose any person who is not the choice of the members.
This means that it will be impossible to rig as results of all elections in the Party will be transmitted real time at all levels of the Party and across the Party simultaneously. What this implies is that every paying member of the Party who has a bio-metric card is a delegate in all elections and does not need to travel out of location to vote. The era of fake, non party, hired or paid delegates cannot by this system be in any way part of APDA. It is important to emphasize that this is Constitutional and NOT a convention in the Party.

We are the first political party in Nigeria to constitutionally allocate - 60% (Six percent) of all elective and appointive positions to youth, women and persons living with disabilities.
Breakdown - 30% for women, 25% for the youth and 5% for people living with disabilities.
Presently, women and youths bear most of the brunt of bad politics which has been the bane of Nigerian politics. What do I mean by bad politics? I mean systemic failure to deliver on promises, habitual use and dump practices, politics of frustration and oppression, non-recognition of loyalty and hard work to the Party and even in some instances the willingness to tolerate loss of lives in pursuit of personal ambitions.

APDA constitutionally is reserving 30% of its elective and appointive positions for women, 25% for youths and 5% for people living with disabilities. What this means in practice- is that APDA recognizes that the women and our youths are the most important planks in our strive towards national cohesion. This means that all the problems bedeviling social cohesion and inclusion would be permanently eliminated.
APDA calls upon all Nigerian women, all Nigerian youths to step forward and take over the structures of the APDA. The Party is yours, the future is yours and that future is today - not tomorrow. This is our Constitution.
We are the first and only political that has introduced the Electoral College System for the election of our party Presidential candidate and Chairman.
We are the only political party that has entrenched social inclusion in its Constitution and Manifesto. What does this mean?



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