Friday, 23 June 2017

Police reveals cause of deadly fire at London’s Grenfell Tower

The brutal London apartment fire that killed 79 people started in a faulty refrigerator and building materials proved to be unsafe, police said Friday

Manslaughter charges are also possible for last week’s Grenfell Tower fire, which was one of the worst in the United Kingdom’s history, police said.

“We are looking at every criminal offense from manslaughter onwards, we are looking at every health and safety and fire safety offence and we are reviewing every company at the moment involved in the building and refurbishment of Grenfell Tower,” Metropolitan Police Detective Supt. Fiona McCormack said at a news conference.
Insulation and materials used for the building’s exterior also failed safety tests, McCormack said.

The fridge, a Hotpoint FF175BP, wasn’t subject to a recall and police are now speaking with the manufacturer.

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