Saturday, 17 June 2017

'B.I.P' Corinne Olympios I Was So Drunk I did a Face-plant in the Jacuzzi

Corinne Olympios was so drunk when she got sexual with fellow "Bachelor in Paradise" castmate, DeMario Jackson, she did a face-plant in the Jacuzzi and after she was dragged and laying on the ground the sexual contact continued, but sources who have seen the video say it just didn't happen.

Sources involved in Corinne's representation tell TMZ ... she had a half a bottle of champagne in a vehicle before arriving at the bar, where she had some mixed drinks with hard liquor as well as one or 2 shots.

The sources say she did not object to the sexual contact and may have indeed consented, but they say she was not capable of consent, point to the "Jacuzzi face-plant" and being laid out on the ground.
They also claim a cast member told producers after the face-plant to stop, but they responded that she was "fine."

But our sources who have seen the video say Corinne's version is "absolutely not true" ... no face-plant, no being laid out on the ground ... nothing like that. The sources who have seen the tape say she was clearly with it the entire time in the pool, and there's no ambiguity after seeing the video.
The sources add none of the cast members complained ... quite the opposite they say ... many have come forward to say Corinne knew exactly what she was doing.

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