Thursday, 8 June 2017

Alex Rodriguez Never Cheated On Jennifer Lopez - Insider Claims

Alex Rodriguez has been a faithful boyfriend to new lady love Jennifer Lopez claims an insider, who is disputing some of the tawdry details that a former mistress of the baseball star revealed on Wednesday.

A source tells Page Six that Lauren Hunter was involved with Rodriguez, 41, for some time, but that her tell-all about their relationship was misleading and done in hopes of getting money from her former paramour.


Alex had met this girl years ago, and they may have had a brief [romantic] interlude, but then she started asking him for money, and he wasn’t having any of that,' said the source.

Hunter, 34, described Rodriguez as a serial cheater with a penchant for rough sex in an interview with the National Enquirer, adding that he was not sexually attracted to Lopez, 47, and claiming that his relationship with the singer was fake.

She also claimed that the former Yankees slugger is 'very into threesomes' and 'voyeurism,' providing the tabloid with what she claimed were text exchanges between the two and dishing on their 12-hour sex marathons.

TMZ had reported earlier in the week that one of Rodriguez's former lover's was seeking $600,000 to stop the release of text exchanges between the two, a woman that Page Six is now identifying as Hunter.

She was after the money so that she could make be financially independent from baby daddy Marcus Allen according to their source, who is the father of one of her three children.

The source also said that Rodriguez has not had a relationship with the woman for years.

The baseball player did not seem fazed though, with the source claiming that he outright refused to hand over any money to Hunter and that his relationship with Lopez, 47, is better than ever.

'Alex said, "No way." If she was extorting him by threatening to go to the press, she didn’t do a very good job,' said the source.

'This is crazy. He didn’t cheat on J.Lo with this woman.'

Both Lopez and Rodriguez have been keeping a low profile on social media since the release of Hunter's story on Wednesday, but the two were with one another all weekend in Miami and are now heading to Las Vegas where Lopez is performing on Friday.

The pair were seen boarding a private plane on Wednesday in rainy Miami to head off to Sin City together

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