Monday, 29 May 2017

Nigerian Democracy In View Since 1999 Till Date - Comrade Obande Gideon


According to Abraham Lincoln ''Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people'', the Nigerian afro beat legend Fela A Kuti in one of his songs refered to
''Democracy as democrazy'' drawing his new word from the often used pigeon English word 'craze' or the English word 'crazy' which means madness.
Considering our political turn since 1999 it's not out of place to relatively redefine our definition of democracy as ''the madness of the many for the benefit of the few'' as the entire out put between 1999-date have rather empowered a few in the society and impoverished the masses who go to the extreme to ensure the emergence of the political class.

The virus often referred to as corruption is a product of a system that have been in place for decades and have violated political, ethnical and religious tablets as the poor masses have constantly remained at the mercy of the political ruling class wheather they be of the liberalist(PDP) or the Conservatives and pseudo-conservatives(APC).
Considering the fact that we extol our unity and sovereignty above all political, ethnical and religious line, we must resolve that none of this, not even regionality can save our Nigeria as all these alternatives have proved abortive.

It's time to arise and brace up for a generational shift, a new age and era that will bury those things that seek to divide us and make our decisions towards nation building and generational emancipation as we have the right as young people to make mistakes and take corrections from the elders.

As we extol integrity and unity as virtues above all in this generational crusade, we must as young people set aside ''the pull him down mentality'' as this will give those who have broken through the ranks the opportunity to stand and defend our democracy; this should be regardless of their performance. We must first take the baton before engaging in the race as life is a relay and our division along the lines of criticism and keep in mind that the predecessing generation can never be better than Us as we have the opportunity to improve and correct our errors.

The Youth Leader Comrade Obande Gideon noted that While wishing Nigeria a happy democracy day we must be resolute that the 2018-2019 political season that is already warming up will not witness ''demonstration of craze'' according to Fela Kuti as we clamour for ''Generational shift'' and boldly say we are ''Not Too Young To Run'' as we pray with our Muslim brothers that God answers us in this period of RAMADAN. #NigerianYouthParliament, #NANS2017, #Generationalshift, #YouthRising,#YouthLeagueNigeria

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