Sunday, 5 February 2017

"Sugar daddies are for those coming up in the movie industry" - Halima Abubakar .

Read Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar's latest interview with punch


I am from Kogi State, but I grew up in Kano. It was a very peaceful and lovely place while I was growing up. I remember being young and having a lot of friends and we always played football together. I was a stubborn child, so I broke a lot of rules. .


I first came to Lagos at the age of 14 and I returned to Kano after a year because I did not get any acting job. My parents weren't initially in support of my acting career, but with the kinds of movies I did then, they gave me their supp .

Breakthrough roles

My first major role was given to me by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, aka Mr Hollywood, in the movie, Gangster Paradise. Other movies that brought me into the limelight include White Hunters, Ladies Men, among others. My humanitarian activities also helped to make me more popular. Above all, I credit God for my success. .

Sexual harassment

Yes, I've experienced harassment; it comes with the job. However, I still see some of those people and I don't judge them based on what they did. I just feel that human beings have different characters, and that is theirs. .

Sugar daddies

No. I'm not a child and things like that are for those coming up in the movie industry. .


I have been getting attention for 15 years, so deleting my Instagram page wasn't because I wanted to be noticed. Instagram is not my father's company; we are just there to associate with our fans. If I decide to take a break, I'll take it, and if I want to come back, I'll do the same. It should not be a problem to anybody. I think people take social media too seriously. I needed the break, and it was a personal decision. .


That is personal. I no longer want to share anything about my personal life because it is safer that way. However, I admire intelligence in people. If you're not intelligent, I can't talk to you even if you're a fan. .


There is no pressure from anywhere. It will happen at the right time and when it is supposed to happen. 

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