Saturday, 21 January 2017

‘Why We Attacked, Stabbed Cyclist To Death’- suspect

Detectives investigating the murder of Mustapha Umar, a commercial motorcycle rider, have revealed how he was stabbed on the head, chin and stomach by suspected robbers, who wanted to steal his motorcycle.

The police said that Umar died, confronting two armed men and fighting to keep his motorcycle, which was his only source of livelihood.

After inflicting the killer injury on Umar, the suspects tried to make away with the motorbike, but his cries of alarm during the struggle for the motorcycle, had already attracted attention.

People rushed to the scene. One of the suspects, Edafe, escaped, but his partner in crime, Williams Thomas, 25, rather than flee, still mounted the motorcycle.

He was pursued by an angry mob. A motorist, who realised was what happening, knocked Thomas down with his car, leading to his arrest.

The incident was said to have occurred at Ishashi area of Iyana- Iba, Lagos. Police said that Thomas would be charged for robbery and murder.

A police source said: "This was how they carried out the robbery and murder of the deceased.

Williams boarded Mustapha's motorcycle as a passenger, while Edafe stood at a far distance, pretending to be waiting for a bus. When Mustapha got to where Edafe was standing, Williams told Mustapha to stop; he said he wanted to alight.

Then they both ganged up to collect Mustapha's motorcycle; Mustapha struggled with them. Edafe brought out a knife, stabbed him in the head, chin and stomach. "Mustapha fell down bleeding and lost consciousness. Williams then picked up the motorcycle, while Edafe ran when people raised the alarm. Williams was chased by people in the area, and while he was trying to escape, he was knocked down by a car." Thomas, a bricklayer, said: "It was Edafe who said we should go and meet someone concerning a business at Ishashi. I didn't, initially know we were going to steal a motorcycle. Edafe stabbed the man. I wanted to run with the motorcycle, but I had an accident.

In the process, I was arrested by police, while Edafe ran away." He said that he had known Edafe since they were in primary school.

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