Thursday, 12 January 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS- How to Tag an Influencer on Instagram

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Today am going to be sharing a simple Instagram hack, and don't even know if i should call it a hack.

first of all if you are not on Instagram, i really don't know what to say, every business owner needs a presence on Instagram, this social media platform is growing massively and the opportunity for relevance is limitless

Well let me assume you are already on the platform, today i will be speaking on how to TAG on Instagram , while some may know how, many people don't and some that think they know how really don't know, let me explain

As a social media influencer i get messages in my inbox( meanwhile it will shock you that most people don't know you have an inbox on Instagram, this is for another day) and on comments asking me to help them post their business or services and i ask them to tag me, that way i wont miss it, they say ok, and go ahead to tell me i have been tagged, but when i check my tags i cant see them, i noticed most of them mention me in comments or send the pictures and write up to my inbox, this is not tagging and trust me all those you tag this way especially influencers may not see it and most time ignore such messages in the inbox

As an influencer with close to 100k followers on Instagram , if you mention me in a comment , trust me i get thousands of comment weekly i wont see it,except am online at the same time you mention me in a comment, which most times am not, to get an influencer or anyone you tag to see your mention you need to tag properly, this does not work like twitter where yo use the @ to mention a name


1, Start to create a post
2. When you get to write a caption while creating your post, look below, you would see Add location, Tag People
3. Click on Tag people the picture for your post will come up
4. Click on the picture, you will see a pop up, who is this?
5. Type the name of the person you want to tag, his or her icon will come up, click on them and the name of the person will show on the picture, you can use the search box also
6. You can tag as much as 20 people by repeating the process in 5 above
7.Next click on the good sign at the top right of your page
8. Write your caption
9. share

You can also tag someone in an old post, just click the 3 dots at the top right of your page, click on edit, you will see tag people in the picture click on it, then click on your picture, then type the name of the person you want to tag in the search box, remember you can tag a maximum of 20 people.

This is how to tag properly, this way any person you tag whenever they come online will see your post, it will show as a notification on Photos of you, this way they will never miss it, and if they don't post just know they did not see it as important, but i share sometimes, lol

Hope this helped

To your success
Your social media hype guy
Kalada Meshack-hart

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