Tuesday, 10 January 2017

See pictures of the men that robbed Kim Kardashian

Kim's robbery suspects arrive at police station as it emerges 3 women were among .

Suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery ordeal have arrived at a Paris police station as it emerged three women were among those arrested in dawn raids. .

Officers made multiple arrests - including a 72-year-old man - in early morning raids on Monday after DNA evidence from tape used to gag the reality star led to the identification of one suspect. .

Initial reports said up to 16 men - described as career criminals - had been arrested but updated information reveals three of those taken into custody were women. Two of the arrested are also said to be diamond dealers. .

The suspects were identified after DNA evidence was left on a piece of tape used to gag Kim during the ordeal; police say it belonged to a man known to officers for past robbery and criminal offences. .

Police then tapped phones and began surveillance of the identified suspect, which led to the discovery of further people believed to be involved in the crime. .

They even managed to track a meeting held after the robbery between a member of the gang and a potential buyer of the reality star's expensive jewels.

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