Monday, 2 January 2017

Popular child comic star Emmanuela releases new song for Armed forces remembrace day

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In respect of the Arm Forces Remembrance Day Celebration 2017 a team of Nigerians with a noble course to honour the fallen and war heroes with a commemorative caller tune song called Zangelewa for Nigerian Soldiers.

The song Zangelewa is originally a Camerounian folk song that gained wide appeal in the 80s and 90s. It was song by Grand Sounds. Its video is famed for the silly dance steps of the musicians with the iconic stuffed up buttocks and belly that typified comic expressions. Furthermore it had at the background Military parades-this was the hue and fuss of the then military regimes. Older millennials can recall brimming to join the army when one watched a colourful march pass of ceremonially dressed military companies.

The unforgettable glee of this song informed the creation of the South Africa 2010 Fifa Football World Cup Competition Official anthem sung by renowned artist Shakira.

It was an obvious pick to use Zangelewa to celebrate the world best ground combat Arm Force. To make it adaptable to our context the lyrics is in English language. The acts on this song include kid comic sensation little Emmanuella, her award winning uncle ; Mark and rising contemporary artist Ukenn, once backup singer to Tuface Idibia. Listening to the lyrics one can hear little Emmanuella bellow the names of great war heroes that paid the ultimate price for our freedom and peace. Names like Abu Ali, Benjamin Sule, Tsok Dakwo ring through the very core of venerating the Unknown Soldier.

The song was musically produced by imitable Joebizz Usoro and the executive producer Mr Nkimusowo Ojong. The song would soon be available as caller tunes and ring back tones from Nigerian Telcos. A sizeable amount from the proceeds would be given to the Nigerian Legion Fund.

The video is billed for launch on December 15th. Seeing that we are in the yuletide the song evokes merry feelings now and would be fitting during the eventual Arm Forces Remembrance Celebration next year January.

Here is the song Zangelewa for Nigerian Soldiers.


Nkimusowo Ojong

Executive Producer

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