Monday, 2 January 2017

Please i need your advice

Hi Bom, thanks for bringing these platform to enlighten us about dramas in relationships. I've been dating my gf for 3 years, although i wasn't really serious about the relationship at the early stage because I am hustling hard to be a better man financially and I thank God for giving me good shatter, have a car and doing good for myself and family.

 I don't double date and I dont messes around, she has never cut and see me cheating, i guess that got her more interested to have a loyal BF.. that I have done in the past and learn a lot from past experience. me and my gf are cool loving and spend most times with me cooking, cleaning the house and wash my cloth without telling her to do so, also go to see my mom behind me and do same things and my mom and sibling accepted her being a nice and respectful girl. 

This impress me and makes me cook for her sometimes even as much as I pretend like i don't know how too cook.
4 weeks ago she came to the house and told me she's traveling to Qatar to work as nanny.. said 2 of her friends are gone and she's going to meet them, that they're going to work for 6 mouths and she will be back and always keep in touch while she's there.

 I was chocked and felt disappointed because I've planned to settle down with her at least by middle of 2017 which we have discussed about. what kept me wondering is she has always tried all her best to make this relationship work and do everything to gain my full attention, now she has it all & want to go to Qatar to work for 6 months.. Please people I need your advise on this.. 

My heart is broken because I don't love and want any other lady but her.. she took the moves without telling me which hurt me so much, now the visa is out and she's ready to move by January.. I asked her who did the visa for her and she said a woman at lekki has the connection, they didn't collect a penny from them, that when they reach there theywill pay back sum of $30k each person to the woman. I wonder the kind of job that will pay $50k in 6 month, aside from an illegal business and runs. Ve tried all I can to convince her not to go but she insist she would go and come back.. I am not comfortable about it, Advise .

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