Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I will not support a President come 2019 based on region or religion but based on intellect- Belema Meshack-Hart CEO of Tatafonaija speaks

It is sad that Nigerian youths are still divided by region as regards 2019 politics, we want an igbo president, we want a yoruba president , we want a hausa president, give us Peter Obi, give us Fashola no give us Atiku

And i watch, with just one question, with all the publicity of the just concluded American election and massive viewing by Nigerian youths

Can you tell me what state President elect Trump is from? I can bet 90% dont know without help from google

Lesson : When we begin to value intellect and issue based politics and not regional or religious politics, then and only then are we going to see a greater Nigeria 

I am waiting patiently for all the presidential candidates come 2019 , then i will pitch my tent with anyone who has proven intellectual capacity and managerial capacity and dexterity to manage the largest black nation, no matter his or her religion or tribe

If i have made mistakes before, i wont make mistakes again, if it means i stand alone so be it

Let me address the issue of electing a youth as President, a youth will not make you a good President if you dont have certain characteristics, the majority of current youths in our political space will make a massive failure in governance even worse than the old generation, just a few are different, will i support a youth president? Yes, if he meets my criteria

2019 will be far different from 2015, and i know am not alone on this.

Lets make money, friends and most importantly heaven.

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