Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to treat Acne skin problems

Acne is a chronic (long term) condition. Skin pores are blocked and become inflammed. It's stressful.

A lot of factors contribute towards acne including genetics, oilier skin, stress, dairy intake and hormonal influences. Because of this, we recommend a consultation so we can isolate what may be causing yours. .

Acne may be managed with topical products containing antibacterial, vitamin A and keratolytic ingredients, that keep the pores open. We have prescription skin products with high doses of these that offer benefit. Management of acne requires patience and commitment. .

From my clinical experience, I advise reducing intake of dairy, avoid use of oil based products, and strong astringents that strip skin of oil and cause a rebound oil production, and avoid excessive use of abrasive scrubs that can spread bacteria around the face. .

Spots from acne are usually a result of picking at the face. These can be reduced by not picking at face, and using a sunscreen. They may be taken off with in-clinic chemical peels or lightening agents used under supervision by a doctor. .

A full body sunscreen will help prevent areas of discoloration. Exfoliating body products will keep dead skin off and skin feeling smooth. I would advise you stay away from "mixed creams" that may have high hydroquinone and steroid content which damage skin over time.

Glutathione is produced in our bodies naturally, it's great for keeping our cells healthy. In higher doses intravenously, it works as a skin lightener. Be cautious of the source of product!

I would advise consulting with a nutritionist or fitness expert on weight gain. Email us Dear Dr Uju with cosmetic concerns info@belfioreng.com .

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